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Axglo E3
"Follow Me" Electric Caddy

Golf Course

Axglo E3 Follow Me Electric Caddy 

Axglo E3 


Price: $1,999.99  (White only) 


The Axglo E3 Electric Golf Caddy with remote control will make your life on the course easier. It’s “Follow Me” technology truly frees you from the shackles of having to guide your caddy yourself and allows you to freely walk the fairways. Experience ease and freedom while taking the strain off your back and shoulders and get the most from your body and swing on the golf course. 

  • Wireless remote control to operate in any direction (Forward, Reverse, Left, Right) 

  • “Follow me” option will follow you everywhere you go 

  • Easy to push manually  

  • Calibrated dual motors for efficiency and optimal handling 

  • Non-tipping 40-degree slope climb on any terrain 

  • Effortless and easy 1-Motion folding and unfolding for quick and easy setup 

  • Fully adjustable handle height for all height and age groups 

  • Adjustable bag strap for most bags of any size 

  • USB Charging port to power any personal devices 

  • Colored LCD screen 

  • Speed Indicator 

  • 8-10 hours per charge

  • Battery life indicator 

  • Lock/Unlock indicator 

  • Follow me indicator 

  • Remote control/Bluetooth connected indicator 

  • Beverage holder and Umbrella holder included 

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